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It's Fixed

I was graced with the opportunity to speak at a women's conference recently. The entire weekend was a blessing, from the words preached on that morning to the testimonies of conquerors that evening. My covenant sister Linda McRae is doing a mighty work for the Kingdom of God, and I am just blessed to serve with her in this endeavor. 

Today I am sharing the word I preached. I pray that it blesses you. 

To God be all the Glory! 


The Hard Truth about Being a Helpmate


No beating around the bush or sugar coating this. Here is the hard truth about being a helpmate:

You don’t get to choose what you help with or if you help at all. You were created to help. Period.

I heard those words just as clear as day, not from a friend or counselor, but from God. My husband and I were dealing with an issue, and honestly I felt like saying “Look, that’s not my problem. It really has nothing to do with me.” That was my frustration speaking and not my faith.

That night, God pulled me aside and reminded me of what he required of me. Not only that, He reminded me of what He put inside me. Read more at BMWK.