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Woman Enough to Rejoice for Another Woman

Luke 15:7- I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.

Can you rejoice for another woman? When she is blessed, are you happy for her? When she moves closer to her purpose in life, do you cheer for her? If the heavens rejoice for one person who repents, then we should too.

To repent simply means to change course --to stop following the world and to start following Christ. Every time I see a woman repent, my heart wants to leap out of my chest. I just love it. Not because I am the righteous rejoicing for her, but because I know where she was. I know what it was like to chase the world, to chase a profession, to chase a relationship, to chase self-esteem from others. I know what it was like to be disconnected from God. Even though I grew up in the church my entire life, I didn't grow in Christ until my 30s.

That's just being real.

So I have experienced the curse of spinning my wheels in the world AND repenting of that sin so I can experience the blessing of living for Christ. To repent was the best decision I've made in my life. Without a doubt. 

Today, will you rejoice with me for the women who are repenting and chasing and hungering and searching and longing . . . for MORE OF JESUS? Can you do that? Are you woman enough to do that?

Let's rejoice for . . .

Melanie: I have been suffering with depression and anxiety for many years. I would like to learn how to bring about a positive change through my relationship with Jesus Christ and sisters who share the same beliefs.

Misty: I am currently serving in the Air Force, and I try daily to set the example that God would have me to be.

Mattie: Learning how to pray more.

Krystle: I believe God works with people at their level of understanding. I am continuing to grow and learn daily through reading and prayer.

Olivia: I have to give God all the praise and honor for He has truly blessed me!  As a breast cancer survivor, God covered me with His blood, His mercy and grace. “If it had not been for the Lord on my side. . .” I know that He spared my life for a reason and I like to offer this same hope and life to others who may not know God like I do.  I am in an outreach ministry where we go on the streets; meeting people where they are in their own environment, whether it be a prostitution stroll, crack house; homeless community or door-to-door.  I love spreading the love that God has shown me to others because our work is vain inside the walls of the church; we must go out to serve the masses.

Naa: I minister with my husband to youth in our community and church. I am an author and speaker and I love sharing the Gospel with others.

Demetria: I strive everyday to be the Woman of God he wants me to be.

Biopelo: I am a 21 years old woman leaving South Africa, I love God with all my heart. I am a Christian. I am a home cell leader at church am also involved in initiatives such as pinky promise which is basically about encouraging other woman, and I also love helping people.

Yentyl: I'm almost 23 years old. 5 months ago I made a promise to God to become celibate. One of the BEST decisions I've made. Each day I'm praying more I look forward to going to church now.  I even attend Sunday school. I'm starting a drama ministry at my church I want to minister to people that way. I'm living my life for God and I realize it's not about me, I also realize now you just don't go to church to get a word for yourself but to spread it. I found this site about a week ago. I'm absolutely in love with your blog! God bless you woman of God

Ellen: I am making a daily decision to submit myself to God's Will.

Coretta: By submitting (even when I don't want to) daily to Christ in ALL things...and allowing Him to fill me as I grow in grace.

Kimberly: I am giving God my best one day at a time by trusting Him wholeheartedly in ALL things! Learning to not just say “walk by faith” but actually put forth action to do just that. I know I have a long way to go but thank God that He's not through with me yet!!

Chrystal: Looking for a sisterhood that promotes Jesus and God first principles.

Welcome to Alabaster Woman Ministries, ladies. I started this ministry because God told me to tell you to STOP SETTLING FOR LESS. You don't need permission to cross into the promised land of your life. It's your life. Take responsibility for it and move your feet.

We're not perfect, but we are striving to be the best women of God we can be. Jump right in and join us for the journey!

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