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Girl, Fix Your Face and Keep It Moving


You have been given permission to have a pity party. . . for 5 minutes. That's it.

5 minutes to vent.

5 minutes to cry.

5 minutes to complain.

5 minutes to whine.

5 minutes to blame.

5 minutes to question "why me?"

5 minutes to mope.

5 minutes to pout.

5 minutes to cross your arms.

5 minutes to pretend that you are telling someone off.

5 minutes to stomp around the house.

5 minutes to be jealous of others.

5 minutes to forget who you are and the power you have in Christ Jesus.

Just 5 minutes.

Ok? Go. . . .

Now, fix your face, get up and do what thus says the Lord.

Have a great weekend, LOL.

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